I’m Not a Writer, I’m a Promoter For Myself and Others

Ok, so when I’m not pimping tracks I’ve done with 2ew Gunn Ciz, I’m pimping my best friend/Clean Gunner/business partner Nico the Beast and his Feed the Beast promotion (make sure you vote this week–2 totally different joints with 2 different stories, both redonk).

On top of that, I’m pimping the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers EP me and Douglas Martin have collaborated on the past 5 months.  People have gone apeshit for the song “High Noon” (ok, not people…person–hey Jeff!).  It’s been up on my MySpace page for a while.  The newest song we did is called “Stay Clean” and it’s up now on MySpace thanks to the handywork of Douglas over at the OFFICIAL (accept no substitues nor spammers) 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers myspace page (look to the right–too lazy to link that jammie).  You can also check out probably the crown jewel of the whole “project” called “Dead Queens” featuring Nico the Beast.  It sounds like the soundtrack to getting your nose broken at etiquette school. 

I’m not a firm believer in VH1 Storytellers because most songs I write are complete horseshit to begin with.  However, “Stay Clean” is kinda interesting in that I sat on the beat for easily 3 months.  I loved it and yet had nothing to say to it like a bad marriage or something.  Finally, I got to writin’ and it came out to be my 2nd favorite track of the project next to “Weak Stomach.”

Here’s the formula to how I wrote the lyrics for “Stay Clean:”

Elliot Smith
+ not wanting to bite Biggie’s “Got a Story to Tell” nor Eric B. & Rakim’s “Mahogany”
+ phone call/email from someone stupid about something stupid
+ Aunt Jessica
-1st draft where I referenced the Beatles and Kurt Cobain (lame)
+ Cape May, NJ
– swag 
+ “scandalous” text messages 
+ Iron Man Slurpee cups
– feeling bad about not seeing “Speed Racer”
+ roast beef hoagie with light mayo
+ Neil Strauss sucking

= “Stay Clean”



  1. I TOTALLY FORGOT that “i got a story to tell” ripped those drums! “stay clean” is a very good joint, i do have to say. but i’m biased. :]

  2. my sister got married in cape may. long fucking drive out there. tolls every 10 miles or some shit. hotel clerk told us the only place open for food at night was wawa. i said wtf is wawa.

    jersey sucks.

  3. You never heard of WAWA???!?!

    I weep the day I’m touring non-stop because Wawa’s only exist in PA, NJ and DE. They make the best sandwiches for a convenient store, have cheaper gas, and you can get an ill milkshake!

    Good to see you still running shit, Rafi!

  4. Elliott Smith. Nice. I was surprised when i heard that when it first started, “A Distorted Reality…” is a great song. But anyway this is probably one of my favorite Shadowboxer tracks, vocally, lyrically, all around.

  5. I got that new Nico The Beast on Monday (review coming tomorrow).

    Seen the 2ew Gunn Ciz piece of Passion Of The Weiss

    Loved Iron Man

    Hated Speed Racer

    Christina Ricci’s name has received her sixth underline on my Bucket List

    Praying that the C’s close out the James Gang in the Q tomorrow night.


  6. Yo whats popping into those Slurpee Cups? Used to full that ish full of Everclear into whatever tropical flavor they were pushing and had instant cool breezes and palm trees. Well, not really, usually me puking out a window.

  7. my favorite part of the song is when you fuck up at the beginning and say, “IT’S NEW!” i laugh out loud every time i hear that.

    this is the type of song that atmosphere used to be good at.

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