215hiphop.com’s MP3 of the Week

Shoutouts to Just One, TZR, Spek and all the 215 headz!  I think Beat Garden has already set the North American record with 412 MP3’s of the Week–and we are grateful for each one.  It’s like having 8 kids and all of them going to college (no junior college–that’s embarrassing…jk)!!! 

Head over to 215 and download my remix of Three Six Mafia’s “Stay Fly.”  It’s not on some “electro/hipster/80s revival/I really like Timbaland and Crime Mob” shit.  If you can place the sample and guess it correctly in the comments, I will mail you a mystery grab bag with perishables–that’s Zilla Rocca’s world famous GUARANTEE!!!

Check it out here:

 “Stay Fly (Zilla Rocca Remix” Three Six Mafia



1 Comment

  1. You totally give away the sample answer in this post, Mayfield did that whole soundtrack so I know its by him I just dont know what the instrumental is called. And the only reason I know this, and knew it the second I heard it, is because I’m a complete movie nerd and just watched it in my not so distant past. But nice remix I like it.

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