Feed the Beast Week 4: “A Millie” vs. “Cannon”

As we continue our Feed the Beast promotion here at Beat Garden, I had quite an experience at the studio last night with Nico as he took the life from 2 more instrumentals.

One of these beats is really good.  One is the not.

The beat that is good has been rapped over by probably 3,933 rappers already.  Nico’s version is just vicious.

The beat that is not good sounds like it was made by a 9 year old who fell down some steps with a beat machine taped to his chest.  Nico’s version is ether.

I had to spend about 20 minutes listening to the latter track while Nico editing and re-shaped his verse to flat out smash the song’s original author.  Listening to this beat 18 times in a row is worse than picking your nose with jumper cables.  Thank you, Big O, for the outstanding recommendation!

Anyway, head over to Nico’s MySpace page and vote for which track you think is the best.  I think you already know which one I voted for.



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