Zilla Rocca Radio + 10 Questions for Nico

With Clap Cowards becoming the TMZ.com of Philadelphia-based hip hop artist-run blogs, my previous favorite toy, Zilla Rocca Radio, was getting covered in mildew, spider webs, and 3 lb. dust bunnies.  I’m not proud of that.  Before the podcast ran away, got a tongue ring, and start stripping at The Republican, I figured I’d get back on my job as a proud and caring online radio broadcaster. 

This episode, creatively titled “Sum Sh*t I Bought,” highlights some songs off of CDs I went out and purchased legally.  I even have the receipts.  It’s good to know that I’m single-handedly keep Clive Davis’ grandkids in Yale.  Enjoy the ‘cast here


1. “Consoler of the Lonely” The Raconteurs

2. “Feedin Time (prod by Alex Wood)” Nico the Beast f/ 2ew Gunn Ciz, Blessa, Reef the Lost Cauze

3. “Ticket for Two” Ski Beatz f/ Camp Lo

4. “Squeeze (prod by Haj)” Reef the Lost Cauze

5. “I Can’t Help it” The Roots

6. “Machine Gun (Zilla Rocca Remix)” Portishead

7. “Little Bit of Feel God” Jamie Lidell

8. “Ready (Brand New Day)” 9th Wonder & Buckshot

9. “Step it Up” Little Brother f/ Dion

10. “Drive Me Wild” J Dilla


One of the best and most insightful music blogs out there, Floodwatch Music, has a new interview up with Nico the Beast.  It’s 10 questions covering everything from angel hair pasta to “36 Chambers” on cassette.  Plus, there’s a free MP3 “My Life is Mine” (produced by my stinkin’ ass) taken from the debut album No Beast So Fierce.

Read The Beast’s interview here


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