Leave the Tank on Empty and Buy Some Adidas

The Adidas online store is having 50% off sale!!!!  If you know me, you know I spend an obscene amount of money on Adidas track jackets and kicks.  Once I received the email today about the sale, my body began convulsing violently for 13 minutes straight. 

After calming down via a glass of warm orange juice and a chilled glazed doughnut from Starbucks, I went to the Adidas store and copped this crispy 76ers championship track jacket for $77 (originally $110).  That’s what I call a COME UP:

See when you have blog money, it ain’t nothing to drop some coin on a Thursday morning.  Seeing that red and blue gives me flashbacks to Mike Gmiski and Jeff Ruland, but since the Sixers are the only Philly team I invested in fully, I had to give it up!

Check out the sale here 

*Goes back to listening to “Wu Wear: The Garment Renaissance”



  1. Either you opted for the most expensive overnight shipping option possible, or that ain’t 50% off. It is a fly jacket though.

    (And I don’t care what you say, Mike Gminski will always be a Net!)

  2. Fresh:

    Yeah it wasn’t 50% on that particular item but $40 off is aces by me.


    I’m not a writer, I’m a hustler.

  3. I apologize on behalf of all of Boston because Jeff Ruland got hit in the leg by a baggage handler with a handtruck full of luggage seemingly on purpose while he was in Logan Airport waiting for a flight. This injury loomed large in contributing to the health issues that halted his career and took away his athletic ability.

    When he finally returned to the NBA he was moving like Gheorge Muresan in molasses. As for Mike Gminski, I hated him more than Dave Corzine, Marc Iavaroni and Paul Mokeski combined…I can’t for the life of me remember why, either!


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