SP Kings That’ll Snatch Your Bling

I must say, the one thing that had been escaping Beat Garden since our inception in 2006 was local press.  We’ve been fortunate enough to get coverage all of this fine “information superhighway” (just thought of that phrase), and we’ve been lucky that people from all over the world have shown us love on podcasts, blogs, and paternity suits.

But dammit, South Philly is our heart!

So with GREAT pride, I’m happy to say that we got a write-up in the only paper that matters to fellow South Philadelphians–The South Philly Review.  I was so geeked, I pulled an Alma from The Wire and drove down to the Review’s headquarters on my lunch break to pick up a copy!

You can read the feature HERE

Also, thanks to everyone who tuned in to G-Town Radio last night to hear Nico’s interview.  We had a blast geeking with the hosts of The Rec Show.  Here’s an easy formula for pulling off successful radio spots:

  • Meet at local pub 2 hours beforehand
  • Order delicious chicken club sandwich with mayo
  • Drink 2-3 underpriced bottles of Corona (it is a week night afterall)
  • Drink 2-3 glasses of conveniently priced Yuengling
  • Leave pub
  • Go across the street to seedier white trash pub and buy 40s of Olde English
  • Consume said 40s in the green room before you are interviewed

It’s up to you to guess who did what. 



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