I Really Hate This Man

Can you just go away?  For good?

It’s bad enough I have to listen to John Madden feed the geese and get all hot and bothered every time your name is brought when you WERE playing.

Now my summer will be sabotaged by the cockroaches at ESPN who flock to get those Favre crumbs under every nook and cranny until preseason begins.

I coudl write an essay on my hatred for this Wrangler Man. 

I don’t want to. 

As a Bears fan, I’m always going to hate anyone wearing the green and gold, regardless of how many painkillers he’s addicted to.  But does Brett Favre hate his family and the Green Bay Packers organization enough to impose his stubbled, “gunslinger” ego on them year after year after year by suiting up to play a position he’s statiscally mastered, after he’s set records that won’t be broken, after he’s won a Super Bowl and multiple MVP’s, after he’s been rendered bulletproof by the media who make sure his private parts are clean as whistle every day? 





  1. Zilla..

    Enough already. STOP. He is one of the greatest of ALL TIME. STOP.. BREATHE. ACCEPT IT. MOVE ON…

    Bears fan or not..


  2. Stress:

    If Favre would only take your advice, then I could move on. And if ESPN actually did any real reporting and didn’t bombard me with around the clock coverage for the next 6 months, I’d be going about my normal bloggin’ business.

    I have no problem with Brett Favre, the HOF player. I loathe Brett Favre, the Media Teflon Don who shockingly makes every offseason about HIM the past 5 years, not his teammates, his fans, nor the organization he’s held hostage. He’s worse than Cal Ripken Jr.–get over yourself and let the kids play.

    **I just realized the rage that typed all of that is how people feel when they talk to Howard Eskin

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