I Used To Rock Dem Tapes Vol. 2

For the second installment of I Used to Rock Dem Tapes, I’m turning the clock back 10 years, when pagers were still acceptable means of getting at a shorty, Wu-Tang ruled the world, and Lil’ Wayne was only 25 years old.

This was the first installment of a yearly nerd tradition I created for myself–a collection of the best Wu-Tang related songs of the past 365.

Titled From the Slums of Shaolin: Best of Wu-Tang ’98, this tape got crazy burn halfway through my junior year of high school in my trusty Walkman (which ended up getting stolen on the Broad Street Line).  What I notice most about this tape is that the B-Side kicks major ass.  Maybe I frontloaded the first half with Wu B-Teamers like Killarmy, Sunz of Man, and La the Darkman was to reward myself with ice cream after getting through the brussel sprouts that was Islord and Prodigal Sunn.   I’d give myself a C+ for Side A and an A- effort for Side B.

Unfortunately, since this tape was made, I sold the second Killarmy album, Sunz of Man’s first album, La the Darkman’s album, and Cappadonna’s first album when I moved out in ’05 to help pay for furniture, food, and newer CD’s.  I regret selling The Pillage and wouldn’t mind having a small playlist on my iPod with the bright spots from Sunz of Man’s The Last Shall Be First.  A few years later, the RZA must’ve read my mind with those Wu Chronicles releases that essentially did the same job as my mixtape series.  But I still kept going.  And yes, I did actually have a girlfriend when I made these.


From the Slums of Shaolin: Best of Wu-Tang ’98
Maxel UR
90 Minutes

Side A

1.  “The Worst”  Onyx f/ Wu-Tang
2.  “The Shootout”  Killarmy
3.  “Polluted Wisdom”  La the Darkman
4.  “5 Stages of Consciousness”  Killarmy
5.  “Tru Master”  Pete Rock f/ Inspectah Deck, Kurupt
6.  “S.O.S”  Inspectah Deck f/ Street Life
7.  “Dangerous Grounds”  Method Man f/ Street Life
8.  “Mantis”  RZA (Bobby Digital) f/ Masta Killa. Tekietha
9.  “Heist of the Century”  La the Darkman f/ Killa Sin
10.  “NYC Everything”  RZA (Bobby Digital) f/ Method Man
11.  “And Justice For All”  RZA f/ Method Man, Killarmy
12.  “Put Your Hammer Down” Funkmaster Flex f/ Wu-Tang Clan
13.  “Illusions”  Sunz of Man f/ Masta Killa

Side B

1.  “The Game”  Pete Rock f/ Raekwon, Ghostface, Prodigy
2.  “Play IV Keeps”  Method Man f/ Mobb Deep, Street Life, Inspectah Deck
3.  “Supa Ninjas”  Cappadonna f/ Method Man, U-God
4.  “Windpipe”  RZA f/ Ghostface, ODB
5.  “Black Trump” Cocoa Brovaz f/ Raekwon
6.  “John Blaze”  Fat Joe f/ Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Raekwon
7.  “Big Dogs”  Method Man f/ Redman
8.  “Gunz N Onez”  Heltah Skeltah f/ Method Man
9.   “Element of Surprise”  La the Darkman f/ U-God
10.  “Intellectuals”  Sunz of Man f/ U-God, Raekwon
11.  “Handwriting on the Wall” RZA f/ Ras Kass
12.  “The End”  Ras Kass f/ RZA
13.  “Strange Fruit” Pete Rock f/ Sticky Fingaz, Tragedy Khadafi, Cappadonna



  1. U stay at it and by the way I just nabbed the “Worst” CDS with Onyx and Wu with the instrumental. If you need it, lemme know

  2. Damn I loved the first Killarmy, Sunz Of Man, Cappadonna and Wu Tang Killa Beez “The Swarm”. They couldn’t keep it up as right around 1999 you started noticing that the B team Wu releases were losing steam and the Killa Sinn, Hell Razah, La The Darkman, Holocaust, etc. begin sounding a lot better than everyone else and Cappadonna was steadily regressing. Those were the days, man.


  3. Oh man, I remember riding in cars with my friends listening to pause mix tapes of Wu-Tang and affiliates, you could make endless variations of 100% bangers (we would usually put more stuff from the classic Wu-Tang member albums on our tapes though).

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