Random Ass Wednesday: Hoops, Free Music, Shows


A part of me thinks Elton Brand is kind of a jerk by telling the Clippers, “Hey, I’m opting out of my contract so you can restructure my deal in order to get me help, maybe….my good friend Baron Davis?” 

The Clippers say, “Elton, baby, we love you!  We’re getting the Bearded Blazer right now, baby!” 

The Clippers actually sign Baron Davis, who blogs and dyes his beard and talks about forming a championship team with Brand and Cat Mobley and Kaman and Eric Gordon….

And then Elton Brand signs with the 76ers!!!!

I’m overjoyed that this team FINALLY has a low post player who play with his back to the basket, who can rebound, block shots and who wants to play East Coast style basketball.  But a part of me thought, “Man, Elton Brand totally screwed the Clippers over.”

And then I realized that since Barkely left in ’93, I’ve had to watch Armen Gilliam, Clarence Weatherspoon, Sharone Wright, Tim Perry, Tony Massenburg, Ed Pinkney, Derrick Coleman, Derrick Alston, LaSalle Thompson, Mark Hendrickson, Tyrone Hill, Kenny Thomas, Corie Blount, Keith Van Horn, Brian Skinner, Monty Williams, Zendon Hamilton, Lee Nailon, and Alan Henderson attempt to play the 4 position.

Sorry Clippers, but clearly we’ve been tortured in that regard.  Elton Brand will do!  Here’s Phil Jasner’s piece in the The Daily News.


I saw this on Mikey McFly’s blog and didn’t really pay attention at first because Q-Tip comes out every year with a song or two from an album that will never see the light of day.  But goddamn, THIS TRACK IS OUTSTANDING!!!  “Getting Up” is the song I’ve been waiting to hear from the Abstract since The Love Movement.  It’s got a summery Steve Wonder-like piano, a nimble bassline, and those 1-2 drums Dilla made his signature.  The strings are a nice touch on the hook.  This is the type of song Common keeps trying to make and fails admirably.  Tip’s one of the few non-lyrical rappers who I can listen to all day: he isn’t swaggeriffic or shallow or flow-heavy.  He doesn’t stress wack punchlines.  He goes just to the edge of being overly righteous/scientific/loverman cliche and just pulls back.  He’s a master songwriter who happens to rap.  And I’ve blatantly ripped him off many times on my upcoming projects, the mixtape Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca!!! and the LP Fall Back Friday.



Beat Garden will be in the building tomorrow night, Thurs. July 10th, 2008 @ the Knitting Factory.  Nico The Beast will be making his solo debut in the Big Apple.  Show starts at 9pm, all ages, $5.  Nico will be going on around 11pm.  I’ll be handing out Nico sampler CDs and we’ll be selling copies of No Beast so Fierce as well.

This is our first show in NYC since last December at Don Pedro’s in Brooklyn and we rocked a crowd straight after they watched a guy do some “ukelale hip hop” (for real), so imagine what’s gonna happen tomorrow!

Here’s some free Nico MP3’s just ’cause:

“Wanna Rap, Wanna Rhyme”
produced by Alex Wood
from the album No Beast So Fierce

“Philly Codes” f/ Zilla Rocca and 2ew Gunn Ciz
produced by Alex Wood
from the album No Beast so Fierce

“Dey Know Freestyle”
from Feed the Beast Week 2



  1. I was shocked to see this on ESPN last night. Elton screwed the Clippers. Sixers just need to get a younger PG and an good outside shooter now.


  2. It’s hard to feel bad for the Clippers, seeing as how often they’ve lowballed their best players in the past, but it does kind of suck to be Baron Davis right now. The potential for a possible Baron Davis/Josh Smith backcourt could be a lot more entertaining – though unlikely to produce better results – than watching Davis just dump it into the post to Brand, though.

    As for the Sixers, it’s obviously a great signing for them but I never like it when a team gives away a first round draft pick and gets nothing but cap space in return.

    And say what you want about Gilliam, but that Gumby he used to rock was one of the illest haircuts in the league. Dude couldn’t play defense to save his life, but you could pencil him in for 16 points every night, all of them coming from the exact same hook shot every time.

  3. As a life-long Cavs fan, I gotta say that Brand screwing the Clippers like that was the lowest stunt an NBA player pulled since Carlos Boozer conned a blind man. It was absolutely shocking.

    It’s also becoming increasingly clear that the Carlos Boozer incident was the moment we officially lost Lebron James to New York. This game is fucking rigged, man. I feel like throwing up.

  4. Vince:

    They’re grooming Lou Williams to be the heir to Andre Miller, but I just can’t see him evolving to become that unselfish. He’s more Ben Gordon than Kirk Hinrich. I wanted them to grab a shooter in the draft or make a move for Mike Miller, but it can’t rain all the time. The best part is having Mareese Speights develop under Brand the next 4-5 years–I envision it like how KG molded Perk and Leon Powe this year.

    The Clippers should never be pitied–futility starts at the top. However…in this case, I really feel for them. They let Maggette walk specifically to sign Baron and Brand, which Elton knew. They’re actively trying to change their culture…and everyone leaves!

    BTW next year’s draft is gonna be really weak. I don’t blame the Sixers for giving away the pick. Their last few picks have been solid (Iggy, Lou, Thaddeus), and they needed the cap space to win now, forget waiting. Normally I’d agree with you but I can see why Stefanski dumped the pick for cash.

    Boozer was the first guy I thought of when Brand bounced. He was a jerkoff–there was no reason to walk away from playing with LeBron back then except for cold hard cash.

  5. I have no comment on the whole basketball thing for reasons of not really caring but that song is/would be a great summer song. And have fun in NYC tomorrow night. Tell Nico i said to have a good show. Hope you enjoy The Knitting Factory, I like it there it’s a nice spot.

  6. That was an entertaining read…although a Q-Tip LP actually dropping would make me grab my chest and reel back Fred Sanford style right about now.


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