We Bootleg Our Own Ish: Free Music Week!

Crazy crazy weekend…

Shout outs to everyone who came through at the Knitting Factory last Thursday to see Nico the Beast’s NYC debut.  A BIG thank you to Thor Takeover for having us, my man Griff from RhymeCity for playing me some bangers on his cellphone, and Memo aka El Wray aka Bull Sullivan , the best soud engineer in Queens, for buying me some overpriced Lager!

I also want to give props to Just One, Emynd and Bo Bliz for their first Year 2000 party at Johnny Brenda’s this past Friday night.  The premise was simple: throw a dance party playing only songs that dropped between ’99-’01.  Highlights included the floor almost collapsing during “Ante Up” (never saw so many white girls throw their middle fingers up) and a twin killing of Ghostface’s “Nutmeg” and “Mighty Healthy” which closed out the show (fuck a “Give it to Me”).  If and when they throw another one, you can bet your Milwaukee hind parts I’ll be in the building!

Alright, let’s get down to business…

First up, we have Feed the Beast Week 8.  Nico gets busy over my pick, dead prez’s “Hip Hop” (which was also played on Friday night to the chagrin of dem crackers up in they city hall).    He then absolutely MERKS Fat Joe and DJ Premier’s latest collabo “Thank God For That White” without selling one ki of coke.  This does not bode well with Hot 97.  As always, you can download both tracks at 33jones.  And make sure you hit up Nico’s page to vote for your favorite!

Finally, my collaborator on the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxer project Douglas “Fresh Cherries Written on the Kitten” Martin has leaked our 2 latest songs.  The first is me rapping over Coldplay’s “Lost!” which is actually a great song in its own right–I might have to finally forgive them for the cold turd that was X&Y and check out the new album.  Some people want me to spit a second verse, but right now you sumbitches are only getting a sixteen.

The second leaked track from the Shadowboxers is “Sharpen Their Teeth” which Douglas put up on the MySpace page.  It’s about steak dinners and grade school classmates and stolen Harleys and garbage men named Lester in a totally hetero way.  Check it out on the MySpace page.

More free music coming all week.  Don’t tell the RIAA.


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  1. the new coldplay album, especially for coldplay, is pretty sick. and you absolutely RIPPED “lost!” i was going to wait until today, but after my 4th straight listen, i was like, “no. people need this NOW.”

    it was written, no kiddin’.

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