Free Music Week Day 2

I’ve been contemplating on whether I should link you to the Passion so you download the latest from my coming mixtape Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca….or kidnap Brett Favre.



*still thinking*


*price checking rope and grappling hooks on*


*price checking gloves and ski masks at*


*contemplating the next few years in prison versus the next few summers minus constant updates on the most selfish player in NFL history*


*still thinking*

Dammit, it’s more free music!

“Get That Gun” featuring Reef the Lost Cauze & Nico the Beast
Produced by Zilla Rocca
Grab it here


On a sidenote, read this excellent LA Times article on Q-Tip and his new album The Renaissance supposedely dropping this September.  According to the piece, the album is a return to Midnight Marauders-era Tip in terms of beats and rhymes.  AND he’s reaching out to Nigel Godrich to work on his next album!!!  That news alone has me returning that camouflage outfit back to Wallmart’s online store and me auctioning off my plane ticket to Wisconsin…


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