Free Music Week Day 3

Right now, my knuckles are scuffed and covered in dirt and grease. 

My palms are sore and cracked.  My shirt is caked in sweat. 

My back is barking like a Doberman in Fishtown.

In other words, I had to change a flat tire on my car during my lunch break.  And surprise surprise, someone *cough Pep Boys cough* switched out the lugnuts the last time I had a flat, so the current lugnuts were stripped.  I could only get one lugnut off in the 30+ minutes I spent trying to unleash my inner Hulk. 

The best I can do to alleviate the annoyance of having to put the lugnut back on, call a towtruck, spend $60 to have my car towed approximately 3 blocks to the nearest Goodyear, and then have them tell me the tires I need are sold out and won’t be in until the morning…is to play this mean ass shit:

“State of Grace Freestyle” (produced by RZA supposedly off of Cuban Linx 2)
rapped over by Zilla Rocca for the mixtape Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca



  1. As much as I am absolutely loving free music week I think you need to find a new file sharing site, because I don’t necessarily enjoy viewing some bitch’s fat ass on my screen with the caption “See What Happens Next” as I’m listening. But aside from that everything I’ve heard so far this week has been awesome and I love your new banner.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah zshare needs to cool out with the voyeurism and fake Playboy pics.

    Maybe I’ll use a less offensive medium in the coming weeks.

    Oh and thanks for the Downey hook-up! Can’t wait for my shipment to come in.

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