Free Music Week Day 4 + Creepy Skeleton Girls

Creepy, right?

Nico is wrapping up our Feed the Beast promotion strong–to make up for missed time, Nico dropped 2 more tracks this week for Feed the Beast Week 9.  This time, he bodies Ashanti’s “Only You.”  After we recorded this song, I wondered why the hell Ashanti gets better beats per release than most rappers.  Asides from that bullshit “One More Chance” song, her beats are usually pretty ill, even for a woman with sideburns (to paraphrase Lloyd Banks).  If Nas had Ashanti’s beats, he’d be Steve McQueen and people wouldn’t be ready to plant a pipebomb under Jeff’s car.

Check out Nico’s version of “Only You” at 33jones.


In a totally unreletad requiem, Michael Ian Black, one of the contributors to my personality and love of crown molding, has an excellent interview over at The AV Club.  I’m heading to the shore next weekend and will bludgeon myself if I don’t pick up his new book My Custom Van…and 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays That Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face for the trip to Cape May.


And FINALLY good reader, I need your assistance.  This Saturday, I’ve been invited to a birthday party where people are required to dress like musicians, alive or dead.  Since this party will be infested with early 20 somethings from South Jersey, dressing up as Leonard Cohen probably won’t do wonders for me.



With that in mind, I need YOUR help–who should I dress as?  I don’t want to spend more than $20 on getting an outfit together.  The best entry will get a free shipment of Beat Garden goodies (read: my junk mail) shipped directly to your home.  And I’ll make sure a picture is posted.  The last time I did this, the results were award-winning.  Here’s me as Rob Base in October 2005:

Can you top that?



  1. You should dress as De La Soul (either Pos or Trugoy) circa ’89. I’m sure you can find shirts with huge embroidered daisies in a used thrift store for $3.00. And don’t forget the $0.99 ‘peace’ medallion.


  2. If you’re really committed to the De La idea (and willing to go a couple hundred over budget) you could complete the look with the De La dunks –>

    My suggestion: 8 bucks for a cheap pair of white sunglasses + 2 bucks for some WhiteOut to write your name on the shades = Soulja Boy costume with 10 bucks left over.

  3. HAHA!!! I’m loving the idea of just wearing some sunglasses from Walgreen’s that say “Zilla Rocca” on them.

    The De La idea is outstanding, Vince and Fresh. I might wear that for Halloween. Those dunks are serious!

  4. have you noticed that ashanti’s best songs are pretty much direct rips from great rap beats? “one more chance (remix),” “can i live,” and “heaven and hell,” and those are just three from the top of my head. i’m not hating, i think it’s a great example of post-modernism, but still.

    micheal ian black is so smug and pretentious, but these two qualities are exactly what make him so fucking funny.

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