Dodger Acquire Casey Blake: Third Baseman, Bearded Vet, Spartan Warrior

He’s the Baron Davis of white corner infielders.

In other Dodger-related news, I’m wondering if Andruw Jones is beginning to threaten Barry Zito for worst free agent signing of all time.

Let’s see: 

.166 Batting average

.266 on-base percentage

.251 slugging percentage

2 home runs

12 RBI

68 K’s in 187 at-bats

$18 mill/yr

Granted, he was hurt for most of the first half and it’s not like he was setting the world on fire last year in Atlanta when he played 154 games and hit a ghastly .222.  However, “Extra Mayo” Jones is not only reaching Tony Gwynn status of weighing more than 2 golf carts while starting in the outfield, he is also sucking at hitting home runs, the main reason he was signed.  The guy has hit 108 home runs since 2005.  Unlike most baseball experts, I’m OK with overpaying a guy who will hit under .250 as long as 35-50 bombs are coming my way.  I’m setting the over/under on Extra Mayo Jones’ final home run number at 11. 

Any takers?



  1. You will quickly find that you will soon grow to inexplicably loathe Casey Blake with all your heart as he strikes out to end the game for the umpteenth time as every Cleveland Indians fan has over the last decade.

    Casey Blake, your beard will not be missed.

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