The Grand Finale (No Ja Rule): Feed the Beast Week 10

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending”–Lazarus Long

I gotta admit…I was getting a little dusty last week when Nico wrapped up our Feed the Beast promotion.  It started as a way to spread awareness of the debut album No Beast So Fierce (did we mention it’s for sale?) and evolved into this new showcase for Nico’s growing skills as an MC who can literally do just about anything on the microphone. 

He’s actually performed a few from this collection (“Cannon,” “Dey Know”) and will probably add a couple more to the repetoire (my vote is for “Whoa” and “Only You”).  I recorded about 80% of these songs but still listen to them from a fan’s perspective cause my homie just pulled out new blades each week to carve these beats up.  It’s been fun to watch people make requests, leave comments on MySpace and at 33jones, and give Nico the props he really deserves as one of the best MCs on the come-up.  So I wanted to use my little free computerized bloggin’ ass platform to thank EVERYONE who listened, commented, requested, inspired, loathed, ignored, obsessed, and discovered Nico through this quick little promotion that became much bigger than hearing some chicken parm eatin’ dude  from South Philly rap every week.  

Get all three songs (“Go Getta Freestyle,” “Love and War,” and “Passin Me By Freestyle” over at

And if you haven’t had enough of Clean Guns, you can head over to my MySpace page to check out the new song I put called “Nada.”  Produced by Jonathan Ogden impersonator and Beat Garden in-house monster Alex Wood, this was originally slated for my album Fall Back Friday  but fits perfectly on the wild-as-all-hell-and-completely-random mixtape Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca dropping in September!

“Nada” was actually recorded last summer, performed a couple times live, highlighted on and then re-worked, re-edited, re-recorded, forgotten, revitalized and re-mixed just a couple weeks ago!  Nico does some overdubs on the hook and DJ Jason Famous adds some key scratches.  Check it out!



  1. Every week of Feed The Beast has been sick, Nico is amazing. And Nada is now on my favorites list!

  2. i can’t wait until i do my nico piece. the “feed the beast” series on par with the greatness of crooked i’s hip-hop weekly series. beast is fucking nuts, and clean guns is turning out to be my favorite rap discovery of the year, all collaborations aside.

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