Music Ass Monday

Just ’cause!

Alright…so if you’re like me, and you enjoy reading words on a computer screen highlighted by a photo here and there, the next few lines are for you!

Check out this dope feature on Nico the Beast aka The Chicken Parm King over @ Fresh Cherries From Yakima, breaking down the entire FEED THE BEAST promotion we just wrapped up:

And check out Poisonous Paragraphs Fat Tape section for Clean Guns & MAGr (“Rat Pack Rap” from my upcoming mixtape Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca) as well as a plug for HUSTLE SIMMONS (one of the best hip hop albums of the year).  If you don’t know about Hustle Simmons, then let Tha S Ence learn you something!


If you hate words and only read King Magazine, then maybe some audio trinkets will float your boat(s).  First, we have the song “Lonelier Place” by Nico the Beast produced by Philly vet Afex One for’s Swap Meet.  Like FEED THE BEAST, the Swap Meet is a bi-weekly contest whereas producers submit tracks, MCs spit on them, and people get to vote for the best use of each beat.  Thus far, Nico is in the lead, so if you’re digging this dope shizz, head over to 215hiphop and VOTE!!!

And finally, to celebrate the release of Dumhi’s Yoga at Home we decided to go in on our favorite track from the album, “Squeeze” featuring Reef the Lost Cauze. Thank you Haj for including instrumentals on the CD!  It’s a dope album with features from Sadat X, Che Grand, Doap Nixon, Random, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan and more!

Listen to Clean Guns’ “Squeeze Freestyle” and buy Yoga at Home HERE


Me and the Beast Family will be in Rhode Island the rest of this week enjoying the Tennis Hall of Fame.  If you’re in the area, holla at us!  We’ll have beer, cigarettes, beats, rhymes, video games, baked ziti, Pepsi, babies, Red Sox arguments, and sunburn!


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