D’Angelo vs. Zilla Rocca

“She’s In My Hair (Zilla Rocca Remix)” by D’Angelo




  1. Zilla, you need to hop on that “Devil’s Pie” beat with the quickness.

    There’s also a great article in “Spin” this month about the deterioation of D’Angelo’s career.

  2. Doc:

    “Devil’s Pie” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s absolutely perfect and I’m glad D decided to squeeze it onto VOODOO.

    I was just about to cancel my subscription to Spin and then I read that article on D’Angelo. It was absolutely heartbreaking, though I understand how someone like him can go to the extreme in order to make music that he can fully stand behind–it’s amazing how much resentment and jealousy he had towards ?uestlove and company.

    And that picture of Maxwell as a nerdy extra from every 80s teen movie was astonishing.

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