Monday Night Link Party!

This week is going to be jampacked with ill bloggage, so I wanted to clean house before the meat and potatoes are ready tomorrow.

LET’S GO!!!!


First up, check out’s latest release Beats & Rhymes Remixes Vol. II  It’s got beats from the best cats in Philly over classics by Nas, Camp Lo, Slum Village, Ghostface, and more.   Peep my homies Stress, Tha S Ence, Caliph NOW and more on this free download RIGHT HERE


Next up, we have my homie 2ew Gunn Ciz’s mixtape release party for the outstanding project Tailgating: The 3 Second Rule.  By now, you should’ve heard the 2 joints I laced Ciz with (“Tailgating Intro,” “Alter Ego”).  I also grabbed the torch from D-Dot and became the next mad rapper, the infamous Dot Com.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this project for my involvement but more importantly because it’s flat out D-O-P-E.  Like nostrils at Studio 54, smell me?  Here’s the info:

I’m also gonna bless you with some exclusive Rhode Island ish we laid down just for fun.  “Throwaway” by 2ew Gunn Ciz f/ Clean Guns produced by Brizzo. 


Finally, last night’s episode of Mad Men was excellent.  Peep the AV Club’s coverage HERE.  I missed last night’s new Generation Kill, but I did catch up on Episode 5, which was outstanding as well.  Peep the AV Club feature on it HERE

All new batch of blognuts coming tomorrow!



  1. Mikey:

    You should definitely come to Ciz’s mixtape release party on Thursday. There will be a red carpet, press, and tons of artists/producers/DJs etc there to meet and greet. You should do an interview with Ciz as well–he’s a distinguished gentleman AND the sheriff of the hood!

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