Tonite’s Da Nite, and 2ew Gunn Ciz Ain’t Playin!!!

Get off dat Bronx smoov shit, man.  Kick dat ruff shit!

Tonight is the night for 2ew Gunn Ciz’s mixtape release party.  I posted the flyer with all the info on Monday, so if you’re in Philly/NJ/Delaware, there’s really NO excuse not to come out tonight.  There will be a red carpet, press, and Big O–can’t go wrong on a Thursday night with that lineup.

One of the stipulations to come out is to “dress to impress.”  Yesterday, I spent a good 2 hours digging through my vast assortment of apparrel only to find that somehow, my monocle and ascott were nowhere to be found!  Oh heavens! 

My back-up plan had me hitting up Lids at the Cherry Hill Mall last night and scooping the World Baseball Classic fitted for my homeland, the Dominican Republic.

The second half of my plan is to hit up Foot Locker on City Line Ave (an untapped resource for ill kicks under $100 in Philly) and possibly scoop some new joints today to engage in holy matrimony with the DR fitted and the Sixers track jacket I grabbed in June when adidas was having their big sale:


So if my wardrobe choices weren’t enough to persuade you (hell, I’m not Dallas Penn by any means), maybe a FREE downloadable copy of Ciz’s Tailgating: The 3 Second Rule could entice you…

Here’s the link to download the mixtape

See you tonight!



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