ZR TV Ep. 2–Mr. Saturday Night



  1. The armpit scene always freaked me out, but otherwise a funny movie.

    Also, not that I’m trying to check out your bedroom or anything, but are the ZRTV recording studios set in someone’s attic?

  2. 1. “Classic” I enjoy your air quotes

    2. I Heart Huckabees is a FANTASTIC movie

    3. I’m probably going to watch Flirting With Disaster tonight now that you bring it up cause I too have been meaning to watch it

    4. It’s fullscreen not flatscreen

    5. Nice futon 🙂

  3. Fresh:

    The armpit scene definitely was highly unorthodox. Josh Brolin sold it though. As far as the studio, it’s the second floor of a house. The roof is shaped awkwardly, no doubt. It’s not an attic, though that would be super badass.

    1. Thank you
    2. Yes it is. The best role Mark Whalberg ever played
    3. You should!
    4. Dammit, you’re right!
    5. That futon is the last thing I’ll ever buy from IKEA


    YOU’RE the big supporter of head butts and throwing metal trash cans at dude’s faces!

  4. Unfortunately for me, watching Comcast On Demand movies on HD inbetween the online movies, Netflix joints AND Redbox joints IS my normal weekend routine. “I Heart Huckabees” was great and it was like a companion flick to “Stranger Than Fiction”.

    I’m gonna watch “Death Race” online after “Weeds” goes off tonight. Hopefully, I can get my niece to fall asleep by forcing her to watch some football.


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