Wednesday Linkavich


Pretty booked up this week…but I promise when I fully surface, it will be WELL WORTH IT.  Yesterday I wrapped up my first phone interview with a pair of incredible guys that, if you love hip hop, have been loooonnnnggg overdue to release a new album.

In the meantime, check out the links, son!

Peep the first single from Sean Price’s homie Rustee Juxx, who was heard on Monkey Barz and Jesus Price Superstar.  He isn’t the most lyrical cat, but he’s got a distinctive voice and solid flow–he reminds me of a gully Sonny Cheeba from Camp Lo.  He and P Body have dope chemistry togher too, so the album should be good at least on the collabos.  The first single is called “Wipe Off Ya Smile” produced by BLACK MILK from Rustee’s debut album Indestructible dropping October 28th.  Listen to it here.

Douglas Martin, aka my co-collaborator on the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers project, wrote an open letter to all rappers who use autotune.  I see you Yung Berg.   So does Douglas.  Check it out here.

When Oliver and Junichi write about politics over at, I’m forced to pay full attention to my somewhat dusty work monitor and then immediately weep for the future and/or stand up and cheer for their ability to take several bursting hydrants and put the cap on all of them.  This about sums up what the hell is wrong with ANYONE backing John McCain if you make under $100K/yr

Jay-Z and Rapheal Saddiq?  What?  Huh?  Hov took a break from dropping stinkbombs on every guest appearance of the past 3 months and hooked up with a stone cold, non-rapping, bad ass, funkadafied, gospel singing, R&B destroying impresario like Saddiq?  Oh HELL YEAH!  Peep it at The Full Clip.

A new blog I’m absolutely ga-ga for is Intensities in Ten Suburbs, brought to you by the good folks over at Floodwatch Music, Narragansett Lager supporter.  Every idea I’ve had about non-hip hop songs/bands/albums/OD’s these guys have nailed with a deadly accuracy.  Check out their take on the original cause for the phrase “No homo”–PM Dawn.

It doesn’t get more 90s east coast hip hop than a double dip of Killarmy and Tha Outsidaz.  Here’s my question: per weight, did Killarmy hold more weed for Wu than Tha Outsidaz, a 12 man collective from Jersey, smoked?  Not sure, but Jeff’s got some MP3s and videos for Killa Sin & crew and Pace Won & gang.

Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star is not only my favorite sportswriter but was voted Best Sportswriter in the Country.  He also runs the best blog by a guy from Cleveland not named ZeusHere’s his take on pizza in Cincinatti (apparently, it really, really, truly, unbelievably sucks).  I hope Hi-Tek doesn’t come across this.



  1. So, wait.. Does that mean I’m a better writer than the best sportswriter in the country? And if so… why am I still working at a law firm?

    Can I use that as a quote:

    “The Good Doctor Zeus better than the Best Sportswriter in the Country!” – Zilla Rocca

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