Y’all Been Warned…

And special guest apperances from Triple Nickels and Nico the Beast



  1. I haven’t had a chance to tell you, but great job on the interview with Heltah Skeltah…….you just took the first step towards media legitmacy…..just remember the little people, especially the ones out west…..good job, homey.

  2. Dat’s cool! © Trina

    Is that the same Nex Millen that produced for Nuthouse back in the days? I put the mixtape on my What’s New In Dart’s iPod review list. I guess it’s already in the mail, huh?

    Two on, one out in the top of the second.


  3. rowdee:

    Thanks man! I’m a Lil Cease interview away from being Kevin Powell!

    that is indeed thee Nex Millen of Nuthouse. He’s got a new project dropping soon and is a cannon on the tables. I saw the love on Darts iPod. Appreciate it!

  4. Ayo, dope dope dope….

    I’m sorry to say that Bow Wow’s Marco Polo joint is way sicker than Sunbathing Bitches…Sorry

    I crossed over…jk

    Good Shit my dude…

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