Technical Difficulties


My apologies, party people.  WordPress in shorts eats martian balls.  And my PhotoBooth won’t let me do a quick video blog apologizing to you personally for NOT dropping the mixtape at midnight.


It will be up at 8:35am.


I promise!


Watch Denis Leary sing my second favorite song of all time in the meantime….





  1. i’m going to throw up.

  2. I guess I’ll get up early, flip on TNT HD and watch back to back episodes of Angel depending on what season it’s on. Season 3 and up? Game on.


  3. I liked the related posts listing for this: “Is an apology owed to the Vietnamese people too?” Worldwide people are fiending for this mixtape.

    But I’ve now listened to the tape twice through, and I can say the wait is definitely worth it.

  4. Man all ima say is you slippin like you walking on Ice (Weezy!) but i am sure that it is nicer than christ (Weezy!)…

    I’ma listen to this mixtape like a breeze (Weezy!)…

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