G-Town Radio TONIGHT!!!

Photo by Jimmy Giambrone for DangerousInPublic.com  Design by ASK?

Today marks the first piece of press I’ve received for the mixtape (and thank you EVERYONE who downloaded it yesterday!).  Trav from Wake Your Daughter Up said a few kind words and re-posted the press release.  You can check it out here.


I love this photo!

Also, I’ll be bringing a hot salad bowl filled with Hungarian goulash to my good friends at the Rec Show over at G-Town Radio.  The show lasts from 8pm-10pm, though I’m guessing I’ll probably be on the air closer to 9pm.  Make sure you tune in and hit us up via AIM, via phone, via old ass Skytel pages.



  1. I used the wrong aim account, but that was me with the autotune question. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed when you expressed your admiration for Love Lockdown.

  2. I love that joint, especially the final mixdown version he just released on iTunes. I understand Kanye’s on the Mos Def/Andre 3000/Cee-Lo kick of “I’m too good to be rapping so I’ll sing half-assedly for a while” but “Graduation” had some really, really bad rhymes on there, so it’s not such a big loss.

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