Did You Realize That You Are a Champion?

Maybe I can finally buy that Andre Either shirt I’ve been wanting all year.

Well my first full season as a Dodger’s fan has ended with the boys winning the NL West (even though they lost to the Padres).  I really can’t believe they did it–this is one of the most offensively damaged teams I’ve ever watched in my life.  If Manny Ramirez doesn’t win the NL MVP, I’m chalking it up to racism and moving onwards (more on that next week). 

I’d LOVE to see the Dodgers face the Mets or the Phillies in the first round and maybe actually win a game or two.  Realistically, they’re best matchup is with the Mets, a team who is incredibly streaky on offense and whose bullpen is littered with guys who will be changing my oil in 4 months at Goodyear.  The Joe Torre School of Hitting, taking pitches and wearing out starters by the 5th inning, would ensure a series win against the Mets.  The Phillies present a bigger problem because their 1-3 pitchers (Hamels, Myers, Moyer) are just as tough as the Dodgers (Billingsley, Lowe, Kuroda) and Ryan Howard is hitting moonshots again.  Then again, you gotta like Joe Torre against the Brothers Manuel, Jerry or Charlie aka the Number 10 if they stand next to each other.



  1. The codgy baseball crowd would never vote for Manny, although he completely changed the NL when he arrived. Same with CC, but same situation.

    Yo, probably answered this before, but why are you a LAD fan? Thought you were Philly to the core.

  2. Never been a Dodgers fan, but congrats. I’ll yell for them over the Cubs and Mets (if they get in)

  3. Yo, did I miss you giving props to your hated Phils on their second straight division title? I must have missed that…….

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