The RZA, The Razor, Hit Me With The Flavor


A few months back, the good folks over at Metal Lungies asked me to participate in their Beat Drop series to dissect my five favorite Neptuns productions.  This month, it’s THE RZA, who I can safely say is 63% of the reason why I make beats to begin with.  To even isolate my five favorite RZA productions is like Shawn Kemp picking his favorite child out of wedlock–close to impossible (or completely unkown in Shawn’s case–I keed, Reign Man was ill).  So I decided to monkeywrench myself and pick 5 mostly non-Wu beats because I could write a 15,000 word syllabus on “Winter Warz,” “Triumph,” “Glaciers of Ice,” “Bring the Pain,” etc.  Also, Ciz thought it would be cool to do that. 

Here’s my picks:

“4th Chamber” GZA f/ Killah Priest, Ghostface, RZA (had to do it)
“Put Your Hammer Down” Funkmaster Flex f/ Wu-Tang Clan
“Stand Up” Charli Baltimore f/ Ghostface
“Stroke of Death” Ghostface f/ Solomon Childs, RZA
“Unpredictable” Wu-Tang Clan

This month’s Beat Drop includes write-ups from the usual suspects (Brandon, Flood) and some revered luminaries from the production/DJ field, such as Statik Selektah, DJ Eclipse, Marco Polo, 88 Keys, and Aeon.

Read the Beat Drop: The RZA over at Metal Lungies HERE.



  1. Wow, the Charli Baltimore joint. Now that was something I first caught on Urban Xpressions. Congrats on narrowing it down to 5 RZA beats. That shit is hard to do.

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