More Press

Clean-up after Cam’ron’s prom night.  More starch!

Another day, another batch of reviews for the mixtape.

Ekko at the insurmontable Berkeley Place weighs in on My Head with free MP3’s for “Nada” and “Sunbathing Bitches.”

2ew Gunn Ciz aka the Rap Vinny Chase aka The Master Technician of Backpack Crack Rap (the new genre) aka “My Friend” decided to give me some digital dap at Your Baby Mommaz Favorite Blog

Douglas Martin aka Fresh Cherries From Yakima celebrated his birthday earlier this week by giving out free tuneage.  Check out 3 exclusive MP3’s from me that are NOT available anyhwere else, as well as the worst photo taken of me of all time by the best photographer in Philly, Snap Kracker.

Speaking of Snap Kracker, I’ll be posting his redonkulous photos from the mixtape release party tomorrow, along with the best of the batch (200+) from Randy Watson at  

Zip it up and zip it out!


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