New Shows Added

Still more hip hop than Yung Berg.

A whole gaggle of dates have been added to the itenierary.  Just in October alone, you’ll be able to catch me and Nico playing with Lyrics Born and Keith Murray, who still lets his balls hang out like he’s on the toilet taking a shit.  No homo of course!  (Remember back in ’95 when a rapper could say a lyric like that and not have to worry about being homophobic?  Thanks Cam’ron and Byron Crawford!  It’s so much better this way!)

If you’re in Philly this weekend, I’ll be at the Tacony Pool Hall alongside Firm Tactiqs, Capo and more with Big O hosting.  All my northeast ladies have no excuse not to come by, watch me serenade you with classics by The Flamingos and Peggy Lee, and buy a mixtape or t-shirt. 

Oh yeah…GO DODGERS!!!  LA in 7.


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  1. We at SL-9 clothing will be looking forward to the Keith Murray – DJ Cocheze tour happening all year long as well as being a proud sponsor of the event.

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