Bishop Got the Juice Now

I’ve been a big fan of Bishop Lamont since grabbing his N*gger Noize mixtape last year in the wake of Michael Richards’ insistance of inserting a pitchfork into the ass of a black man (sorta like what Pitchfork does to Wayne but in a non-Lance Bass manner).  I forgot to mention that tape and the Caltroit project Bishop did with Black Milk as big inspirations for my mixtape because both were built, sequenced, and blessed lyrically and beatwise as albums. 

Amazingly, Bishop is still on Aftermath, still dropping incredible and free music, still namedropping and collabing with your favorite 90s producers.  And his interview with Jeff is one of the best collections of thoughts and ideas I’ve ever heard an MC, not named Killer Mike or Redman, express. 

“They’ve got this thing called swagger, which is a term a wack dude invented. Swagger is a shield to protect wack people…’Oh, he can’t really rap, but he’s got swagger.’ What is that? He doesn’t have a good stage show, but he’s got so much swagger. Back in the day, you were either dope or you were wack, there was no swagger to get away with. Cam’ron can say a bunch of non-sense but it’s the way he’s saying it, so he’s got swagger. Lil Wayne doesn’t have to say anything, but oh, it’s that he’s got swagger, or it’s the way he pronounces his words. C’mon dude…cut that out, swagger’s a great word but people took it too far.”

Read the entire interview and grab some free Bishop Lamont songs at The Passion of the Weiss.



  1. This is the funniest picture I ever saw. It reminds me of the old No Limit CD’s. I wanna rock the shit outta that Pope-mobile. Dubbed the fuck out but it’s lacking tint. I’m feelin the challace too!!!!

  2. Bishop is always spittin’ that truth…he is right about the word “swagger” and the force field of wackness that centers around the rap definition of the word…I remember when it was referred to as style

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