Press Is Good


Beats & Blood likes the mixtape!  And they call me a “mic killer.”  You should read it!


Also, I’m finishing up my solo album Fall Back Friday.  In the meantime, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting some outtakes from Bring Me the Head, possible remixes, and more gratuitous shizz in order to stay “relevant” in this age of 18 “new” songs a week from an artist who isn’t signed.  I don’t know how most people listen to music: do you genuinely want to hear new stuff or just “collect” it like stamps (Ciz, you know what I’m talking about)?  For the record, I’m a big collector of Mark Price basketball cards, Wu-Tang weed carrier CDs, and anything related to Ferris Bueller.  Collecting isn’t a bad thing.

Let me know what you want and the vaults of the Lizard Lounge could crack open once a week.


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  1. to quote kanye west in 2004: “the mixtape game is like a dude that gets too much pussy; they care about getting what’s new so much, that they don’t even know what’s tight anymore.”

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