We The Realest You Ever Gone See

Just watched Keith Olberman lambaste Sarah Palin and John McCain’s “real Americans” talk they used this weekend in small towns while hinting at Barack Obama’s possible communist/socialist/terrorist plans if he is elected president.  Here’s what they meant, in case you missed it:

“Real” Americans = White Americans

After Olberman’s show ended, I was reminded of this clip from “Boston Legal’s” second season in ’04.  If you’ve never watched the show, it’s too late–this year is the final season.  But I highly suggest Netflixing it.  It’s been a hallmark of my weeknight viewing schedule for the past 4 years, and multi-Emmy winner James Spader as attorney Alan Shore never ceases to crack me up while offering sharp critiques on the world around us.

In honor of today being the 2000th day since Pres. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” and us being “da realest Americans” whatever the hell that means (and to possibly inspire you to go out and vote in 2 weeks), here’s a quick clip from “Boston Legal”:


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  1. This is the type of shit I’ve been screaming since Day One, Zilla. Too many people are/were silent and apathetic when all of these things were going down. You saw what they did to the Dixie Chicks! LOL. Aarom MacGruder was sick of being brow beaten so he just stopped doing “The Boondocks” comic strip and instead focused on the TV show (which was also heavily censored and scrutinized…go figure). Anyone else who was a voice of dissent was branded “anti-American”.

    We all know that the thing that makes America stand out from other countries was the liberty we had to criticize the government if it did things we didn’t agree with. That’s what makes you a true American. When you exercise those freedoms, not when you turn a blind eye to injustice and cosign the usage of fear and the spreading of misinformation that in turn breeds ignorance.

    Great and timely post, Zilla.


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