By the Hammer of Thor, You Must Wave ‘Em Like You Just Don’t Care!


Not to be conceited, but I think I’ve concoted the tightest 15 minute set in the history of post-election, Philadelphia-based, live hip hop of the 21st century ever.  Come out to Liquid Charm and see me on-stage…it’s FREE, MOTHAF*CKAZ!

If you enjoy drinking grandpa’s old whiskey, then be ready for Nico & Big O’s Birthday Bash tomorrow night @ Liquid Charm with DJ NoPhrillz on the tables.  My liver is already weeping.

Also, on the Upcoming Events tab to your right, just added some new dates for December.  MAGr + Hedonis the Amazon + Cymarshall Law on Friday December 5th is a formidable lineup.  Anyone who’s a fan of Buff 1 or Hustle Simmons and their outstanding debut album should definitely mark Saturday December 13th on your calendar.  I’m really looking forward to that show.

And finally, Friday December 19th marks the genesis of The Rap Pack live.  MAGr + 2ew Gunn Ciz + Clean Guns.  Serious.

See you tonight!


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