Friday Nostaljack–Night Court

Last night’s 30 Rock was even more brilliant than usual.  A guest appearance by Jennifer Aniston playing a self-loathing psychotic sexpot who sells vomit-inducing hats was phenomenal for sure, but she was small peanuts to our old friends from….Night Court!

Ok, not ALL of our friends from Night Court could make it–just Harry, Markie Post (still simmering at 58 years old!), and the guy who played Mack.  But it was enough to pull me back into heavy late 80s/early 90s nostalgia, watching the show while laying on the carpet at my grandparent’s house.

Some notable things about why Night Court flippin rules:

  • Markie Post was hot.  And judging from last night’s 30 Rock, she’s still got some heat on her fastball.
  • When the show started dipping in ratings in 1992, NBC decided to plug in Seinfeld during it’s early days into the 9pm time slot.  After the 9th season, the show’s creator Reihold Weege declined a 10th and final season, opening the door fully for Jerry, George, Elaine, and “The Kramer” 
  • The episode where Harry locked himself in a trunk in his office for hours in order to sharpen his magician skills is one of the most terrifying ideas of all time.  A man trapped in a box.  No one knows where he is.  Oxygen is running out.  The trick components are broken no matter how hard the magician taps at the angles.  His miniflashlight is dying.  He’s hungy and sweating…a yet it was still a riot to watch. 
  • Bull Shannon’s first name was Nostradamus. 
  • Most baby boomers grew up idolizing Frank Sinatra.  Harry T. Stone got hot and bothered by Mel Torme.  What?!??
  • The “Horse and Carriage Remix” by Cam’ron from ’98, which sampled the Night Court theme, was an MF Doom-like example of rapper’s persona and subject matter equaling the themes of the TV show he sampled (though much later on in Cam’s case).  Trekkies, ventroliquists, affable prostitues, bad 80s outfits, narcissim, failed magicians–ladies and gentlemen, “Killa Season: The Sitcom”!!!  Get SpikeTV on this.
  • Before Marsha Warfield took over as “Roz” in Season 4, the original two bailiffs, Selma Diamond and Florence, had died back-to-back in real life.  Creepy.
  • Yakoff Smirnoff continued plaguing great pieces of American 80s culture by making apperances as “Yakoff Korloenko.”  Was there a less talented, one-trick pony comedian in the 80s more succesfful than Yakoff?  “In America, you have Night Court.  In Russia, the judicial system is run by knights!  What a country!”
  • Charles Robinson, who played “Mac,” always wore his trademark cardigan, plaid shirt, and knit tie.  It seems like Kidz in the Hall noticed.
  • Markie Post, looking like Spider Woman.  That is all.

What were some of your favorite Night Court Episodes?  And how ill was John Laroquette as “Dan Fielding”?  And how bad has Harry Anderson aged–yikes!


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  1. Night Court is one of the best sitcoms of all time, I used to dig the hell out of Markie Post, I thought she was the bomb back then…..and Dan Fielding was an awesome vehicle for the slapstick talents of John Larroquette, his comedic skills were on display, he might have created the most loved slimeball ever portrayed on television……How about John Astin’s turn as Harry’s dad, the original Gomez from the Adams family fit right in with the whole screwball concept of the show, my favorites are every one of his episodes, that was a great show.

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