Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Douglas Martin


For Week 2 of the remixin’ jawnage, I hit up the venerable Douglas Martin aka Fresh Cherries from Yakima aka Blurry Drones.  It’s no secret we’re homies, and yes that is the one of the reasons  I wanted homie to put in work on the remix thang.

Collaborative projects aside, Douglas is a monster on the boards, which isn’t the first thing you would think by his penchant for small t-shirts and acoustic guitars.  But I’ve been lucky enough to hear lots of his beats over this calendary year and rarely, if ever, do I not get the screwface.  The latest Zilla Rocca-Approved Screwface is evident on his remix of “The First Order of Business.”

Head over to 33jones to download it!


8 thoughts on “Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Douglas Martin

  1. NOW, this beat is DOPE AS SHIT. But, I still like the original better. I wasn’t really feelin the flow of your track on this beat until I reached the later half of the song. Right at the “you’re a text message full of stupid ass typo’s” part, to be exact, is when I was like, okay, this does work!

  2. Dude is no joke. I have yet to hear something you guys have done together that I didn’t like and really enjoy. This remix is pretty awesome and I’m psyched about the Shadowboxers release! P.S. I wasn’t kiddin you should get your ass to Seattle asap cause you’ll love it.

  3. y’all are far too kind. thanks so much for the compliments!

    brandon: it’s utterly surprising that indie-rock is such an untapped resource when it comes to sampling. i’m sure most of them would be pretty cheap to clear, and if the rapper is well-known enough, it would create instant pub from pitchfork.

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