Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Small Pro


The man’s got an image that a photo can’t capture.  At least on MySpace.

Another week, another proper banger completely remixed from the mixtape.

This week it’s the peoples’ favorite “Flow God Zilla,” originally produced by yours truly, now mutated and shapeshifted into a whole ‘nother animal by Small Pro.

If you happen to frequent this strange catacomb of the internet often, you’ve no doubt read about Small Pro on quite a few sites by now; the man knows how to get press like chopping a Bob James sample.  The one thing I’ve really enjoyed about his sound, which I forget to include on the blog post at 33jones, is how Small Pro keeps the dynamics of classic hip hop records intact (warm samples, vocal drops thrown haphazardly around, sharp hi hats and drums that snap) without succumbing to “backpacker” or “nostalgia” rap–it’s big, clean, and fresh.  His sample sources may be dusty but his beats got that lemon scented Pledge wiped all over ’em.  It’s what separates him from cats who just throw some vinyl static over top some laptop drums “to keep it real.” 

Here’s the full post at

Wait till you hear what the hell is coming up next for this remix series.  I’m all giddy!



  1. I was nervous to listen to this one cause I really like the song but the remix is done perfectly. And if you’re giddy for next week I can only imagine what it’s gonna be. Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. This fool done ruined my favorite song on the track….oh wait, sorry, that was the Lil’ Jon remix version, my bad. Yeah, Small Pro did his thing with this.

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