Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Y?Arcka

“Sunbathing Bitches”*** is one of the most beloved songs on the mixtape, so I’m incredibly lucky to snag one of my favorite new producers, Y?Arcka, for the remix.

Arcka really is the prototypical hip hop producer.  The first time he came by my studio last year, he carried a CD spindel with CDR’s stacked higher than Sunday pancakes.  He said, “Pick a number, one through one hundred.”  I picked a number–he shuffled through the CDR’s and grabbed the disc with that designation.  He said, “Pick a number, one through twenty.”  I picked a number–he put the CD in and played that track number.  And it was CRAAZY!  He did this for about an hour.  And I’ve hated him with the force of a Hungarian battle tank ever since!

We knocked out our second Beat Garden Producer Series with him around this time last year but kept it in the vaults due to personnel changes, melting ice caps, and most recently, the Dodgers re-signing Rafael Furcal, which put me in a permanent saddened stupor.  You’ll hear Arcka on my album as well as on a few releases we’re gearing up for in ’09.  Get acquainted with him now.

***Sidenote on “Sunbathing Bitches”: gotta give it up to my homie Mally from the 612.  He gave me not only a new rap alias (Flow God Zilla, as I was running low on derivatives), but the hook for my theme song, “Flow God Zilla” (eat it!), just from this guest appearance.  Rap ain’t dead until they front page the savior! 

Check out “Sunbathing Bitches (Y?Arcka Tame Mix)” at



  1. There’s another one with Mydus that’s been done for a HOT minute–dude’s computer crashed and he lost most of the sounds for each beat. That’s why I tell ANYONE doing music–get a Mac yo haha! It never shuffles your hustle

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