Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Zilla Rocca


I’m still waiting on that next call from Kevin Smith.

Who else can truly remix my music better than me, Ben Affleck in Chasing Amy? 

Fresh at 33jones just posted the newest remix for the Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca campaign as and the producer behind this track, let me just tell you my good friend that it will knock your socks off, even those thick grey thermal jawns your aunt bought you for your Christmas that you pretended to like.  Yeah, I ain’t playin!

Get the official “Bangladesh (Zee Arrah Remix)” feat. SUP, Slim DSM, and Nex Millen here.

More crap coming at you after I recouperate from dragging my liver through hell tonight and possibly tomorrow.  Stay golden, Ponyboy.



  1. this is yet another song that i absolutely love the original of, so going in unsure as to how ill feel about the remix. ok, the second i turned it on i was like OHMYFUCKINGODDDDDD. the HOTTEST remix so far. its GREAT. thanks! i was having a shitty morning too!

    • Anything I can do to brighten up a normally exurberant hip hop fan, by gum I will!!!

  2. Stay gold, Ponyboy! © Some greaser

    I can’t think of any Rumble Fish quotes…have you ever seen the late 70’s teen classic known as “Over The Edge”? Netflix it yesterday, it’s essential viewing for oldheads.

    Matt Dillon as the bad boy teen, a role he’d continue playing for years afterwards.

    Happy New Year, Zilla!


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