Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Haj of Dumhi

For Week 8 of the remix hootenanny, Haj of Dumhi got busy on “Vaguely Jamaican,” a darkhorse track from the mixtape most people mention when we’re sipping Sangria at the California Pizza Kitchen and/or watching Belly.  Haj’s remix is so dope because he took the “less is more” approach.  The vibe of the original is intact.  The beat he cooked up isn’t something I’d seek out to rhyme on, but hearing how well my acapella fit over it, I’m now taking offers for beats like this.  And I promised not to rap like Snow if and when I do get the beat!

Grab “Vaguely Jamaican (Haj Dumhi Remix)” at


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Let Me Learn You Something: Haj of Dumhi



  1. Doe lady:

    Thanks for being honest with this remix (as you have been so eloquently in the past–“This sucks!” lol).

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