Interviewed By An Idiot

My good friend/black tar dealer Scott Towler approached me a few weeks back about doing an interview segment.  Scott works for a reputable network writing for a show I really love to DVR and watch on Saturday mornings after a night of drinking Schlitz’s.  How could I say no?

Then I read the questions… 

Great Scott:  Interviewed By An Idiot–Zilla Rocca



  1. I personally think the Trix Rabbit had it the hardest cause all he wanted was some sweet cereal and those stingy kids wouldn’t give him any.

    Anyway can’t wait for the Shadowboxers debut I’m stoked!

  2. can I just say, Zill, that your answer about what you look for in a woman…

    “and a good dumper.”

    jesus christ. I couldn’t even come back with another question that answer was just so perfect and hilarious.

    And true. Most of all true.

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