The Champ Is Here

I really wish we had off today as well as yesterday.  Just watching the news this morning at 7:05 am ET was like seeing New Years Eve married to a Super Bowl celebration swallowed up and spit out by Mardi Gras.  Holy crayons!

My question to you is:  How much time will you give President Obama to fix the cornucopia of problems we are facing?


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  1. i don’t think this could be corrected in one term. if he’s re-elected, i’d give it until at least the second year of the second term.

  2. He just needs to get to work, there are way too many problems to offer relief immediately, he’s gonna need some time and patience, things none of us have a whole lot of to give

  3. Danyell and I sat on the floor next to each other surrounded by 20 other co-workers. The moment he was sworn in we hugged each other because we had just witnessed the most important historical moment in our lifetimes. It was magic. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

    I think he made it very clear in his speech that he is not going to rest for a moment until we are unified in peace and prosperity in 2012. If we all work hard with him he we can achieve this. Yes we can.

  4. Lucky you, getting to watch. Our %&*@& computers went down mid-speech and I don’t have the luxury of having a TV or radio on the premesis.

    To answer your question: I give him 4 years. If he does what he has to do, keeps his promises and sets new goals aimed at the health, wealth & well-being of our country, then he’ll get another vote from me for a 2nd term. worrrdddd.

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