I Blew More Money Than Latrell

Had a BLAST at the 1998 Party last night @ Johnny Brenda’s.  Shouts to Bo Bliz, Emynd, and 215hiphop.com for a killer party.  Anytime you can hear Cappadonn’a “’97 Mentality” in a club followed by Big Pun’s “Dream Shatterer” and Sporty Thievez, you stay winning.

“It’s Alright” came on last night and I lost my shit!  Any producers who can flip a Talking Heads’ sample as well as it’s done of this track, GET AT ME ASAP!

Review of “The Wrestler” coming tomorrow…

Thaattt’s rrriight!



  1. duuuuuude. the talking heads song that “it’s alright” sampled came on at work the other night, and it made me think about hipster-hop.

    is it safe to say that hov predicated this trend?

  2. That track got sampled forever ago for a track called Planet E by a dude named KC Flight. David Byrne was in the video. The song was bizarre as hell!

  3. Didn’t know that, R-Son. That’s bizarre. More Roc-a-fella songs should’ve been based on David Byrne samples.

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