I’ll Tell You All My Secrets But I’ll Lie About My Past

My weekend summed up by Tom Waits explaining his last summer tour.



  1. Is he retarded or something? What’s with his speaking voice, he sounds like Frank Oz or Jim Henson, very Muppet-like…..I’ve never listened to Tom Waits, maybe I’m missing something, just hope the singing voice is better.

    • D:

      You’ll probably hate Tom Waits’ music then haha! Though the second and third season of The Wire featured his original version of “The Devil Down In the Hole” as the theme song (every season before and after were covers of his song).

  2. I remember his version of Devil Down In The Hole, it was cool, not too bad….he’s an acquired taste, like Sapporo or Honduran cigars….I get it.

  3. Tom Waits is amazing. That’s all i have to say about that!

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