I’m Pouring Out Like Juice

Some quick links before I get down to business:

The first 2 reviews of Nico’s Dinner is Served are up.  First up is Poisonous Paragraphs who claims the mixtape is an “east coast overdose if you will.”  Scroll down–it’s right after the Lilly Allen review.

Next up is 33jones, who loves the new genre that Nico created: “South Philly Rap.”  No Stevie B or Lil’ Suzy is on the mixtape though, so that distinction isn’t 100% correct (thank heavens).  Check out the review which has free MP3s and footage from the release party.

Finally, the authority on all things Douche, Douche McWilliams Worldwide, says if you don’t like this mixtape, you must be a…douche. 

In non-Nico news, Aaron from MetalLungies.com drops the 10 Greatest M.O.P. Couplets at the Passion of the Weiss.  My favorite Mash Out Posse bars that didn’t make the list?  You guessed it:

“So keep your gun breezed for f*ckin with these New York Desperadoes
We’ll bust open your head like avocadoes”–
Lil Fame “Stick To Ya Gunz”


I’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to write for Foundation Magazine, a Philly-based hip hop print specializing in mixtapes.  You might remember them for interviewing Lil’ Wayne when he said “Fuck DJ’s.” 

I’ve been given a slot to essentially write about whatever the hell I want, hip hop related or not.   If you have ever read Foundation Mag, what would you like to see in there that is not being covered?  Should I talk about chicks that piss me off?  Phife Dawg lyrics that are borderline great and nonsensical at the same time?  How 50 vs. Rick Ross is essentially Bush vs. Kerry?

You let me know, party people.



  1. There was a piece you did a while ago, where you took a Phife Dawg verse and switched up the last line so that it rhymed better with the hook. Maybe not that exact same concept, but my suggestion would be to do something that makes use of the fact that you do know how to write rhymes.

    There are hundreds of hacks out there writing for hip hop magazines, but there really isn’t anyone right now who’s writing about rapping from the point of view of someone who has their own experience putting together lyrics.

    • Fresh:

      I toyed with that idea briefly, but the guys at Foundation are trying to expand this column to be non-hip hop related for the most part. I’m not gonna rule it out though. Thanks for chiming in.

  2. No one on the corner has swagger like us! © M.I.A

    Those early Ultra singles were classic. The reviews are well deserved as you guys are making the mixtape a science yet again by putting forth the same effort that goes into an album into them.


  3. ayo Zilla this isn’t a suggestion for your column (although it never hurts to discuss Wallabee Clarks and the various ways to freak them, i.e. the CREAM joints)..but I was just rockin out (||) to the track Nowhere in a hurry off that new Nico tape and wanted to big up the production for that..shit is right..okay that’s all

    • That’s real shit, Max. I appreciate it bro! Thanks for reading (hopefully all of this time) and leaving a comment.

  4. Damn homie, I know my blog ain’t in your league yet, but how don’t I get love for my review? I thought I did the homie justice….ah, well

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