Get That Dough

A Wonder Bread truck drove past me as I left the supermarket.  It occurred to me that the Wonder Bread logo is one of my favorite logo’s ever.  I don’t eat white bread anymore, but I always stop and consider buying a family pack of Wonder Bread whenever I go shopping based on this logo.  Everytime.

Looking at it now, the blue, yellow, and red bubbles  give me the feeling of 1950’s science textbook meets late 70’s hip hop grafitti via Krylon spray cans or molecular biology married to Skeme and Kase 2. 

I personally like my bread not to take itself too seriously but also have a quiet flare and dreamer aspect to its being.  This is why Wonder Bread is so hip hop: fresh wears and crisp colors that kill ’em every summer. 

Reef the Lost Cauze  “I Wonder”

Bread  “Make it With You”

Cormega ft. Tragedy  “Break Bread”



  1. Cappadonna- “The Bread of Life”

    also, think of all the Wonder bread logo takeoff parodies that stoners wear…

  2. Look at you getting introspective on some yeast! (Really, though, my family never bought Wonder Bread (we were Stroehman folk by and large) but I always wanted to on the strength of its logo alone. We are Won, son.)

    • I noticed damn near everybody on Croskey Street bought Stroehman. I don’t think JRs or Sonny’s carried any other brand. That’s a monopoly on the yeast market if I say so myself!

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