Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca: Floodwatch

I’ve been sitting on this particular remix for months now and with good reason.  My homie Ben aka Floodwatch of  absolutely bodied his remix for “Get That Gun,” a big fan favorite off the mixtape featuring Nico and Reef the Lost Cauze.  It’s the most bangeriffic straight hip hop beat of the series and I’m really excited to have this man make a *splash* (get it?) on this remix.  His blog has shown Beat Garden love since day one, and his skills behind the tables, and now the MPC, are inspired. 

Grab the remix of “Get That Gun” over at

This just might be the final remix for the series (waiting on a couple things to pan out over the next week), but don’t quote me on that.  I am known to completely fabricate anything not tattooed to my skin at the drop of a goat’s testicle.  Word.



  1. “i will stomp your motherfuckin’ face like a power pad!” beast never ceases to amaze me.

    also, i love this remix. probably even more than the original, which is saying a lot.

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