Check out the New Digs

Figured it was time to shake things up like Yahtzee.  Brand new Lady Killer coming tomorrow.

To celebrate the make over in the meantime, here’s some treats from Small Pro, one of the (un)lucky bastards to pop up on the Bring Me the Remix of Zilla Rocca compilation (coming soon in its entirety!).

Shawn Jackson f/ Guilty Simpson “Strategies (Small Pro Remix)”

CL Smooth f/ Skyzoo “Perfect Timing (Small Pro Remix)”

Here’s the entire Small Pro Resurrected the Remix project, featuring Emilio Rojas, The Roots, CNN, and yours truly.

Previously on

Let Me Learn You Something: Small Pro

Bring Me the Remix of Zilla Rocca: Small Pro


1 Comment

  1. I like the new layout! However, and this just might be on my work’s Commodore 64 computer, the t-shirt picture on the right hand size sticks out past the column! It is driving me halfway nuts.

    Which reminds me, give me a shirt already. And I am not Paypal’ing you shit. I only conduct business cash-to-hand or lips-to-dick.

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