Beat Drop: Timbaland

I was bogged down last week so I forgot to post my latest contribution to Metal Lungies’ outstanding producer series, The Beat Drop.  RZA, The Neptunes, Alchemist–they have all been X’d out.

Enter Timbaland.

My picks are:

“Try Again” by Aaliyah
“We Need a Resolution” by Aaliyah
“Jigga What Jigga Who” by Jay-Z
“Put You on The Game” by The Game
“Wake Up” by Missy Elliot f/ Jay-Z

This time, there’s commentary from my mellows Nex Millen and Small Pro.  Free Mp3’s aplenty, so start off your Monday with the man who went from drinking plastic gallons of strawberry drink in Fade to Black to being able to carry two Hyundai’s on his shoulders and toss a woolymammoth skeleton the length of one rugby field.

Timbaland Beat Drop @

Here’s my runner-up list of Timbo bangers:

Missy Elliot f/ Timbaland & Magoo “Cop That Disc”

Justin Timberlake “What Goes Around”

Jadakiss f/ Bubba Sparxx, Timbaland “They Ain’t Ready”

Nicole Wray f/ Missy Elliot “Make it Hot”

SWV f/ Missy Elliot “Can We”



  1. i go w/jigga. that is one dope ass beat. the aliyah joints are bangin too tho. who did tweet “oops” and missy “lose control” ? (do question marks go in the quotes or after them?)

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