Glove Comes Off

Saw this earlier at Analog Giant and haven’t stopped playing it all morning.

Michael Jackson “P.Y.T. (Demo)” edited by DJ U-Tern

 When I was in college (congrats Temple basketball on a #1 seed in the tourney!), I took a course called CD Project Management whereas we studied and learned the tasks and responsibilities of a record producer: budgeting the project, what direction songs could be taken to compliment the artist and concepts,  how to work through mistakes and multiple takes.  We had to read  Quincy Jones’ book “Q: The Autobiography of Quincy Jones” and watch the excellent documentary Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones, where he spoke at length on the making of Thriller.  I also had to buy the deluxe edition of Thriller (something you should already own if you’re a serious music fan) and write a paper on its lasting impact alongside Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper

On the deluxe edition of Thriller, Jones doesn’t offer many juicy tidbits on “P.Y.T.,” one of the 7 hit singles from the album that has lived on through various forms throughout the years.  “Beat It” was made as a black version of “My Sharona,” and Vincent Price’s ghastly monologues were written by Rod Templeton in the cab ribe on the way to the studio for the “Thriller” session.  According to Wikipedia, the only piece of trivia for “P.Y.T.” Quincy wanted the album version to be more uptempo so he re-wrote it with Michael Jackson.  This demo version of “P.Y.T.” is more Off The Wall than Thriller and smoother than drinking a vanilla milkshake in a red Miatta convertible.


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  1. P.Y.T. makes me want to dance. It’s one of my favorites and last week I had it stuck in my head for days after it was performed on American Idol. I’m sure it will be the same now after reading this as I am quietly singing it to myself as i type

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