Music From My Mans an’ Them


Tuesday is new release day here at, so it’s only right I pass along some joints from the homies.

Up first are two tracks from Fitz of J-Direct.  If you haven’t directly heard J-Direct, you’re probably heard the production of Griff on a few of my projects (“The First Order of Business” off the mixtape, “The Big Guns Upstairs Remix” from the remix series, “Goldmine” from the new Clean Guns album).  Fitz is the MC of the group, and his style reminds me of Missy Elliot in that his voice and his funloving charm do most of the work over Griff’s beats.

“Ketchup” is a bad ass burner.  The beat reminds me of The Clipse meets Slim Thug and Fitz amply attacks the track on some smooth pimp ish.  “Just One Thing” is the complete opposite, but continues the winning formula Griff has freaked the past year or so: bending and twisting 80’s samples into hip hop head nodders.  “Just One Thing” is built on a Billy Idol sample and delves into a broken relationship.  The usage of auto tune of Fitz’s vocals isn’t excessive–it adds to the quirkiness and fun.

Fitz of J-Direct “Ketchup”
Fitz of J-Direct “Just One Thing”

Download Fitz’s mixtape For the Loser in All of Us right here via RhymeCity Records.

Add Fitz on MySpace here


Up next is a “non-freestyle” freestyle from my mellow Mally.  Weirdly enough, I was just thinking about making a beat like this over the weekend, and Mally decided to just body the original anyway–Jay-Z’s “Ignorant Sh*t.”  Mally’s gearing up to release his third project in three years, The Passion.  You’ve already heard what the kid’s working with on my mixtape, and remix mixtape, and from his first 2 projects already.  Here’s something new in case you haven’t been impressed by Minnesota’s next top shotta:

Mally “Skylines”

Get at Mally on Myspace

Mally’s first project The Letter is available here

Mally second project The Moment is available here (which features production on “It’s Hard to Forget” and a 56 bar verse on “Head Nod” by yours truly).

Previously from Mally on

Zilla Rocca f/ 2ew Gunn Ciz, Mally “Good Girls 2”

Let Me Learn You Something: Mally


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