She’s My Shadowboxer Baby

Leaving the boxing gym last night, I realized that any female who boxes, regardless of age/weight/color, becomes at least 4 times sexier in my eyes.  Seeing those ladies in the hand wraps, wife beaters, sweatpants, and Nikes dipping and swinging, working the heavy bag or jumping rope,  jabbing the padded gloves with a trainer…oh my!

Maybe that romanticism would change if I bothered to ever watch “Million Dollar Baby”. 

But “Girl Fight,” J. Lo in “Money Tain,” and Tatyana Ali already have stacked the deck.  I lose all control and something takes oooova me!



  1. Ahhh, SWV…making big hits in the mid 90s, marry Eddie George, star on Survivor. American dream right there.

  2. Cosign on Girl Fight. I’ve had a crush on Michelle Rodriguez ever since. I hadn’t seen that movie in years, but they just put it back in rotation on HBO this month.

  3. You’re right, should you ever watch Million Dollar Baby and get a glimpse of Hillary Swank, with the mouthpiece in and that Sly Stall1one-styled grill, twisted to one side……you might rethink this whole post….ugh!

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